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Peaceful Reflections 
Cremation Care               

We Provide Affordable Simple Direct Cremation Services 

Your loved one is entitled to receive dignified care, cremation, memorialization and final disposition at an affordable price. You should be treated in a fair, kind and straight forward manner, without putting you deeply into debt.

Our locally owned and operated office and refrigerated care center is located in Santa Clarita Valley and is inspected and licensed by the State of California.

Peaceful Reflections Cremation Care was opened because we wanted to provide a higher level of comfort and assistance to families who are experiencing the loss of a loved one at an affordable price. 

You won't find the high-pressure sales methods and hidden fees used by many corporations and so-called "Societies" in the funeral and cremation industry that make large profits from those who are vulnerable during one of the hardest and emotional days of their lives.

Many "Societies" and "Corporate" owned facilities will offer a Basic Cremation Package that includes services and/or merchandise. Thereby causing families to buy expensive merchandise and/or services that families either don't need or will use.

We don't want people to be confused about what we do and how much we charge. Too many websites are confusing and want you to make multiple decisions so that they can figure out what your final price will be. Many websites don't even list prices so that you'll call them and speak with a counselor (salesperson) or answering service who's main objective is to get you in their office.  

                            ARE WE THE LOWEST PRICE?

We're confident that if you search around you may find an organization that is out of the area which advertises a lower price, but usually they add on charges for various items and services that we consider to be standard. If you are comparing prices, we suggest that you ensure what services you are receiving for that price.

      Total Cost for a Complete Direct Cremation: $895.00

At Peaceful Reflections Cremation Care our Direct Cremation includes the following Services: 

• Basic Services of State Licensed Funeral Director
• Availability of staff by telephone 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• Transportation of deceased 24 hours a day, 7 days a week within Los Angeles County
• Local Care Facility (refrigeration)
• Procuring attending physician/coroner authentication for Certificate of Death
• Processing and filing of Permits and Certificate of Death with local Registrar
• Standard Alternative Cremation Container
• Standard Cremation (up to 250 lbs)
• Release of Cremated Remains in heavy duty Plastic Urn at Peaceful Reflections office

No tax charged on above listed $895.00 direct cremation package.  
No additional charges/fees for transportation on evenings, weekends, holidays or residential deaths.
No additional charges/fees for Professional Services to secure initial order of Death Certificates.

No additional charges/fees for the required minimum Alternative Cremation Container.
No additional charges/fees for the plastic urn that loved ones are placed in for their return home.

                                    WHY ARE WE MORE AFFORDABLE?

We are a privately owned non-traditional mortuary setting new industry standards by specializing in direct cremation services, eliminating the middle man and thus reducing overhead. We are modest... no huge, fancy chapel. We do not maintain a large inventory of urns and merchandise on the premises, reducing inventory costs and passing the savings on to you. Many items shown on our merchandise page are available by special order for fast delivery.

Unlike other firms, we have no hidden fees, no additional charges for after-hours transportation (evenings, weekends and holidays) or refrigeration. Please see our 
Cremation Prices. At Peaceful Reflections Cremation Care we actually list all our prices for services and mechandise here on our website therefore no hidden fees/charges.

We believe in making things simple. Even our website is simple to navigate and easy to understand.


The death of a loved one is a very emotional time for everyone. Allow us to relieve some of the frustration and anxiety by helping make the arrangements easier for you.

This can be completed either in our office or by email while in the comfort of your own home. Yes, arrangements may also be completed by email and/or fax. It is our desire to make this process as simple as possible for you.

                                     OUR PROMISE TO YOU

We will always be kind and we will never, ever take advantage of you, or your family at your saddest time. It is against company policy to try and sell the families we serve additional services and/or merchandise you either don't need or want.

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