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Peaceful Reflections    
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Peaceful Reflections Urns & Merchandise

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    Crescent Collection   

* Please be advised that all urns are standard without any engraving. Prices shown reflect the standard price without engraving. Stock and Custom Engraving may be added to many of our urns for an additional fee... Please contact office for prices on engraving.

             Alternative Cremation Container             Heavy Duty Plastic Urn
                                 Included                                                       Included


Full Size Urns

Crescent Collection 195 - 200 c.i.:

   Earth Tone     Granite Tone     Gold Tone         Silver Tone    Black & Gold      Going Home     

Porcelain Urns: Approx measurements: 10" H x 7.75" W, 225 c.i.   
          Going Home                           Rose                        Praying Hands                    Deer


Crescent Marble            

beautiful hand-crafted cultured marble urn, holding up to 275 C.I. The highest quality cultured marble urn on the market today. Available in seven elegant colors; White, Rose, Black, Green, Blue, Red, purple and Navy.
Stock and custom engraving available.
Outer Dimensions: 11.3” W x 7.9”D x 7.2”H     

Wood Collection (engraving additional)  

Cherry Laminate                    Tribute Urn                       Going Home Tribute             *Pioneer Urns                       
322 c.i.
                                 230 c.i.                                230 c.i.                              300 c.i.              

      Walnut Statesman            Oak Statesman                       *Memory Chest                          
               200 c.i.                         200 c.i.                                   240 c.i.

         *Colonial                                       The Tradition                                              The Marquis                                   
            220 c.i.                                            200 c.i                                                       200 c.i.                      

Picture Frame Urns
  Bronze Picture Urn 8" x 10"                        *Large Photo Urn   10" x 12"                                 Keepsake  5" x 6.5"

Smaller Portion / Keepsake / Token Urns
Keepsake and Token Urns are designed to contain a portion of cremated remains. Popular when an individual is divided into multiple urns.

Classic Token Urns
Maus Granite                    Maus Earth               Going Home               Classic Gold                 Classic Pewter

Medium:   115 - 130 c.i.      
Small:        80 -  85 c.i.   
X-Small:     40 -  45 c.i.       

Crescent Collection Keepsake (approx 3" tall)  2 - 3 c.i.:                   
 Earth         Granite             Gold            Silver      Black & Gold   Going Home         

This is a small sampling of the urns and keepsakes that are available through Peaceful Reflections. Please review our catalogs for a full selection

*Stock and Custom Engraving may be added to many of our urns for an additional fee... Please contact office for prices on engraving.

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